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CoreHaus uses modern methods of construction, intelligently. Our manufacturing principles are based on a standardised ‘modular’ core which houses a pre-finished WC, bathroom, staircase and heating system. As a result, 80% of commonly-problematic construction processes are taken care of offsite and there is an up to 50% reduction in the onsite construction programme.


A specially-chosen selection of panelised external walling systems ensures that CoreHaus can be used in both urban and rural locations with elevation treatments tailored to suit each setting. The standardised modular core has been designed to allow CoreHaus to be configured so that it provides 2, 3, 4 and 5 bedroom solutions.


Standardisation sits at the core of our cost reduction strategy, but not at the expense of functionality and good design. Committed to delivering value for money, we work closely with local supply chains to introduce competition and provide national coverage. A standard design and faster build programme will help CoreHaus achieve savings on-site prelims and professional fees.


Everything we do is underpinned by sustainability, from the flexibility of the design, to innovative materials and our commitment to delivering social and economic value. To us, good design and functionality goes beyond making our homes look great and perform well. We create homes that can evolve with the needs of their inhabitants; flexible to changes in requirements.

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Modern methods of construction are transforming the way we deliver new homes.  Using tried and tested construction methods in an ingenious way CoreHaus can provide 2, 3 and 4 bedroom homes that can be delivered faster, better and cheaper than traditionally built homes.

the process

CoreHaus Homes, built around a light gauge steel CORE and housing all the needs of modern living, are manufactured in a controlled production environment to meet the current and future needs of the housebuilding industry. This design and construction type allows us to develop sites faster with less issues arising from onsite coordination. Once delivered to site the cores are wrapped in an insulated light gauge steel frame to form the main rooms and roof.

Northeast housebuilder Homes by Carlton is trialling a new modular housing design type that could have a major impact on the new homes market and the environment.

house types

Two, three and four-bedroom homes all based on a standardised modular core, but providing the flexibility to create homes that can evolve to meet the changing needs of young professionals and families.

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