CoreHaus applies known, tried and tested construction methodology intelligently and ingeniously to meet the growing demand for offsite
manufactured housing solutions. Our manufacturing principles are based on ground and first floor standardised ‘modular cores’ which house
a pre-finished kitchen, staircase, WC, central heating and electrical control systems and bathroom. Roof ‘core’ units are also available for
additional bedroom suites and ground floor extension units if required. As a result, 80% of commonly-problematic construction processes
are taken care of offsite with up to 50% reduction in the onsite construction programme.

  1. Standardised ‘modular core’
  2. Faster Build
  3. Reduced costs and a faster return on investment
  4. Flexibility as standard
  5. Social Value
  6. Truly sustainable
Our Approach
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CoreHaus Homes, built around a light gauge steel CORE and housing all the needs of modern living, are manufactured in a controlled production environment to meet the current and future needs of the house building industry. This design and construction type allows us to develop sites faster with less issues arising from onsite coordination. Once delivered to site the cores are wrapped in an insulated light gauge steel frame to form the main rooms and roof.

“Faster Build – the modular core and the panelised load bearing
frame and roof module provides a weather tight structure in 5 days.
On site internal works can be completed on site whilst external
works are completed providing up to 50% reduction
in the onsite construction programme.”


Our light gauge steel frame system ensures that CoreHaus can be used in both urban and rural locations with elevation treatments tailored to suit each setting – providing almost unlimited design potential. The standardised modular core has been designed to allow CoreHaus to be configured so that it provides 2, 3 and 4 bedroom solutions.

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